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Obviously Got Things to Do

I was able to port all of my content over from the other site. I don’t know if the links to pictures work. I have no idea if comments will be immediately posted or anything yet. I just want to let people know if they showed up where I went and have stuff here to […]


I am moving from this platform that costs me $179 for nothing. I have stopped selling Beachbody stuff so I can no longer use this as a write off. I am working on setting up a WordPress site on WordPress it’s 18 a year and not $179. I’m letting the kellyyonkers.com domain go and I […]

Post op

Hi Friends, Surgery was May 27th, so I’m like almost 3 weeks out. This pic was just about 2 weeks out. I’m Feeling good and happy about my decision. I’m still bruised so this is not the bikini that I can wear outside yet. Sun exposed bruises will stain the skin and that would suck! […]

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